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Bone densitometry (BMD)

ImageA bone densitometry scan is a special type of X-ray test used to measure the calcium content of the bone, usually in the lumbar region (the lower back) and the hips. The examination is also called a DEXA-scan, QDR-scan or BMD (bone mineral density) measurement.

A bone densitometer can let patients know whether or not they have osteoporosis or if they are at risk of developing the disease.

The patient is required to lie down on an examining table where a DXA source of two low-dose x-rays measure the bone density of the fracture prone area. This procedure is painless. The bone densitometer accurately and quickly measures the patient's bone mineral density (BMD). This test also gives a comparison of the results against a reference population based on age, weight, sex, and ethnicity. The resulting information is then sent to the patient's doctor so she/he can make a decision about treatment or prevention.

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Durbanville-Durbanville Ortho 


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